Monday, July 09, 2007

Paris Hilton’s Real Nose

Paris Hilton didn’t always have that slim beak of a nose.

Thanks to we can compare today’s nose to a copy of her high school photo.

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Anonymous said...

There have been Paris Hilton sightings everywhere since she got out of prison. Maybe she's been making up for lost time.

Check her out in some of the recent photos. Aren't her breasts a lot larger than before. There's no doubt that Paris Hilton has had a recent boob job. But when? No way while in prison, so it must have been before she went in. Was this the problem she was having when she first went to jail?

Her latest "leaked" sex tape clearly show her breasts are MUCH larger than before. The guy she's with really seems to like them. If you want to see for yourself check out the sex video at There's no way breasts can grow like that on their own.

Rhinoplasty said...

Ahh paris hiltons nosejob, havent we heard enough about her already! Now she's had a boobjob?

Anonymous said...

And this is supposed to be an improvement on her old former nose?

Her current nose looks like a hooked beak. It's far too long and angled.

She looks like a man!!