Saturday, May 10, 2014

Early Baseball Greats - Their Cards

Tobacco companies were leading producers of baseball cards by the mid 1880's although the cards first began appearing in the 1860's as promotional vehicles for various trades. For the tobacco companies, the cards served to protect the cigarettes in the pack as well as to promote the brand. Many cards, like the following, were colorful drawings of leading players.

John Montgomery Ward 
"Monte Ward" pitched the second perfect game in baseball on June 17, 1880, for the Providence Grays -- only five days after the first perfect game had been thrown by pitcher Lee Richmond for  a Worcester team.

Edward Nagle Williamson 
Outfielder Ned Williamson held the single season home run record from 1887 until 1919 when Babe Ruth surpassed his total.

Charles H. Getzein
Sometimes referred to as Getzin,  "Pretzels" Getzein pitched for 4 different National League teams between 1884 and 1891. His total 277 complete games still ranks 58th for Major League Baseball.

Adrian Constantine Anson 
"Pop" or "Cap" Anson was a superstar hitter in his day, and the first player to log over 3,000 career hits --  in his nearly 30 years of playing from 1872 through 1897. 

L.F.  Lawton 
Jack Lawson's San Francisco Haverly's team was part of the California League.

Walter Harold Nagle
Pitcher "Lucky" or "Judge" Nagle started his major league career in 1911, first with the Pittsburgh Pirates and then with the Boston Red Sox. 

? Hoffman
Outfielder Hoffman was apparently part of the lesser known Raleigh Team in the North Carolina League.

Zachariah Davis Wheat
Zach Wheat was a leading hitter for the Brooklyn Dodgers between 1909 and 1927.

Frank Baker
Baker was listed as 3rd baseman for the early Philadelphia Athletics with a salary of $5,000 in 1910 and $6,200 in 1911.

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