Monday, January 07, 2008

Britain Is The Fast Food King

A survey of 13 countries showed that the British consume the most fast food, just ahead of Americans. The French are the least likely to eat fast foods.

The survey of 13 countries also confirmed growing concern over obesity worldwide, but noted different priorities and strategies in different parts of the world for tackling it.

"People are inherently contradictory and nowhere is it more obvious than on such a sensitive and important issue as their weight," said Steve Garton of polling body Synovate, who produced the survey jointly with the BBC.

45 percent of British citizens taking the survey agreed with the statement "I like the taste of fast food too much to give it up". Americans came in at 44 percent, and Canadians at 37 percent.

However, only 19 percent of French citizens agreed with the statement. Other low scorers included Singaporeans (25 percent) and people from Hong Kong and Romania (both at 27 percent).

Around a third of all respondents (31%) agree with the statement 'I tend to eat junk food when I am feeling down'. The most emotional eaters can be found in France (57%), the United States (48%) and the United Kingdom (44%).

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