Saturday, August 11, 2007

Deutsche Bank Fire At Ground Zero

The former Deutsche Bank building across the street from Ground Zero caught fire on 8/18/2007. The smoke and flames ebbed and flowed for hours.

At its height it was a 7 alarm fire and it claimed the lives of two brave firefighters.

Prosecutors opened a criminal investigation into the matter as several agencies sought to deflect blame for the building's failed water supply system and the response to the fire.

Here are some pictures of the smoke, firefighters and flames early in the conflagration.

Firefighter on the east side of the building before the building became an inferno.

Gusts of wind would send smoke billowing from the building.

Firefighters attempt to fight the fire from the south side of the building. They were driven away by the heat and burst of flames.

This is where firefighters stood just20 minutes before.

This incident had an eerie déjà vu feeling of 9-11

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Christine (CA) said...

Amazing shots, Lionel.