Friday, April 06, 2007

Woman Who Lost Her Wallet In High School Gets It Back After 60 Years

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - Joan Martinek Barnes never imagined she would see her wallet again after she lost it at McKinley High School 60 years ago.

But the red alligator grain wallet turned up Monday when a building engineer tracked down a broken hot water pipe. It was found on top of an air duct in a basement storage room that once housed girls lockers.

Barnes, now 75 and living in San Antonio, said her wallet was lost when her coat was stolen during the winter of 1947-48.

"I don't remember all those details," Barnes said on Tuesday. "I just remember Mr. Paxson (the principal) got the coat back. I didn't have many coats."

The wallet didn't have any cash in it when it was found, but did contain a $4 activity pass, a student ID card, and a membership card for the YMCA's teen club.

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