Friday, October 13, 2006

Meet Chechnya's Psycho Zookeeper

Did Ramzan assassinate his harshest critic?
Contributed by a Misc-Reports Reader

Prime suspect in the murder of Russian journalis Anna Politkoskaya, other than scary Russian President Putin, is the even scarier Chechnyan
prime minister Ramzan Kadyrov.

Ramzan inherited the position on the death of his father and has
only just turned 30. He manages to combine the
life of a Scorsese gangster with an LA trust fund celebutante - in Grozny.

Little Known Ramzan Facts

* Is best friends with Mike Tyson, now called
Malik Abdul Aziz. Tyson has come to fight at
Ramzan's Grozny boxing club, "Ramzan".
Grozny is covered in posters showing Tyson
and Ramzan together.

* Bought a Siberian tiger cub, because Tyson
used to own one. He also has a lion, a wolf,
a bear and fighting dogs in his private zoo.

* Before cuddling any of his animals, spits
in their faces. To stop them giving him the
evil eye, of course.

* Hung the head of a prominent guerrilla from
a gas pipe, as a warning to would-be rebels.

* Human rights groups say his private army,
The Kadyrovtsky, is responsible for 70% of
all torture, rape, murder and kidnapping.

* Anna Politkovskaya recently claimed she
had video footage of a man identical in
appearance to Ramzan ordering murders and
kidnapping. His army have begun using their
picture phones to record videos of themselves
torturing Chechens.

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