Wednesday, August 30, 2006

British Prostitute Takes Client To Court After He Refuses To Pay

Wins Case And Still Loses

LONDON — A British prostitute took a client to court after he admitted he could not afford to pay her after sex, the Liverpool Echo newspaper reported.

Tracy Harper complained to police after unemployed Matthew Bushell, 33, told her he could not afford the $1,400 he owed her for their six-hour liaison, the northwest England regional daily said.

Bushell from Southport, near Liverpool, was bankrupt and owed $29,000 from using phone sex lines and escort girls, the evening newspaper added in its court report from the town.

He pleaded guilty to dishonestly obtaining sexual services and was made subject to a two-year supervision order. Magistrates also ordered him to pay $124 in court costs at a hearing on Monday.

No compensation order was made for Harper, from Bradford, in northern England.

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